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    Building Your PMU Business With Instagram

    • Introduction + Table of Contents

    • Bomb Bios

    • De-Coding Your Dream Client

    • Perfect Patterns

    • Captivating Content

    • Captions that Convert

    • My Hashtag Hero

    • Making Love to the Camera + Text Posts

    • Making Love to the Camera + Text Posts: Video #1

    • Making Love to the Camera + Text Posts: Video #2

    • Stories + Lives + Locations, Oh My!

    • Nuturing Your Network

    • Giveaways That Plant The Seeds + Promos That Pay Off

    • Conclusion

Meet Your Instructor!

Owner, Educator, & Lead Artist @ Jessie Dillon Beauty

Jessie Dillon

Hey! I'm Jessie Dillon:

- 6-Figure PMU Business Owner
- Lead Artist Among a Team of 5
- Active Trainer for Henna Brow Australia
- Business & Artistry Mentor
- Wife, Mother, Friend, and Athlete

...And somehow I have real days off thrown in there, too! To many of you, this might sound too good to be true, but here's the thing: I firmly believe that a PMU career that's lucrative, fulfilling, and balanced, is ALWAYS within reach.

Just a few years ago, I was bending over backwards every day for a major beauty retailer. I was underpaid, unappreciated, and totally stagnant. When I realized that I no longer wanted the promotions I'd always dreamed of, I bailed on the spot.

But I had a plan! I'd been working for this well-known spa on my days off, where I fell in love with lashing and microblading. Working 1:1 with clients felt so impactful and relaxing, I just couldn't wait to go full time. It felt right. Bonuses: No commute, regular hours, more time for friends and family. Hell yeah.

Fast-forward 1 week: Come to find out, the spa had never been properly licensed, and neither had I! I was ashamed and pissed. Again, bailed on the spot. But this time, no backup plan. My poor husband. But I learned a valuable lesson here: With a solid support system and the drive to succeed, YOU MAKE IT WORK.

I spent 6 months renting space at a friend's studio, making my brand known, freelancing for cosmetics brands to fill the gaps, and soaking up as much education on both business & technique as I could... Before opening my very own studio that scaled to 6 figures within one year, and we're just getting started.

Developing a successful business is a never-ending journey. It ain't always pretty, but it IS always worth it. Every step of the way, there will be roadblocks, risks, tears, and sacrifice. But just beyond those things, will lay new opportunities, wins, excitement, and freedom.

No matter where you are in YOUR journey, I'm here for you. Every month, there will be new resources made available on this page. They will either help you build a strong foundation, or shed a new, transformative light on the basics. These offerings are appropriate for artists and business owners at every stage in the game, but will be particularly impactful for those 0-5 years in. Thank you in advance for learning with me, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on each course! XO

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